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ATA application guide 24 Months 2022: MIUR instructions

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From 8.00 on 27 April 2022 to 23.59 on 18 May 2022 it is possible to submit an application for inclusion and updating in the ATA 24 months 2022 rankings.

The application is online and must be submitted both by those who join for the first time and by those who need to update one or more profiles, renounce work contacts or declare priority titles for the permanent rankings of ATA personnel.

Below we put at your disposal the guide to the ATA 24 months 2022 application, with all the instructions of the MIUR useful for submitting the application.


With NOTE no. 13671 (Pdf 196Kb) of 5 April 2022, which starts the competition for updating the permanent provincial rankings of the administrative, technical and auxiliary staff of the school, the MIUR has provided the indications for the presentation of the ATA ranking application 24 months 2022. We also make downloadable this GUIDE (Pdf 482Kb) to the compilation and presentation of the ATA 24 month applications published by the UIL school union. The document also contains conversion tables for grades relating to academic qualifications useful for calculating the score.


To participate in the ATA 24 months 2022 competition, a specific application must be submitted to MIUR. The call is for qualifications only and serves for the inclusion and updating of the permanent provincial rankings of the administrative, technical and auxiliary staff of the school. It is aimed at those who have completed 23 months and 16 days of service, even if not continuous, in ATA staff.

Applicants must complete and submit the application through the Online Application Service of the Ministry of Education, to apply for:

inclusion of one or more profiles in the permanent rankings of a given province, using the appropriate Form B1: Request for inclusion in the ranking;
updating of one or more profiles already present in the ranking of a particular province, using the appropriate Model B2: Request for updating in the ranking;
waiver of fixed-term employment contracts, using the appropriate Model F: Request for waiver of substitutes;
declaration of any qualifications for priority for the choice of location, using the appropriate Model H: Priority assignment.

Those who are inserted for the first time in the provincial ATA rankings must indicate the province for which they are applying for insertion and must enter all qualifications and all services. On the other hand, applicants already present in the provincial ranking for one or more profiles cannot change province, but can only update existing profiles or insert new ones.

Those who update the rankings in which they are already present must enter only the qualifications and services that they have not already declared previously (therefore new). Those who update a profile and join another must, on the other hand, declare all the titles and services, that is, both the old (already declared) and the new ones. It is then the office that manages the application to identify the latter for evaluation.

In the inclusion of qualifications and services, each applicant must, in fact, indicate whether it is a valid qualification / service for inclusion, updating or inclusion / updating in the ranking.


The 24-month ATA applications must be submitted electronically via the MIUR Online Instances service, which can be reached from this page, by 18 May 2022. To complete and send the applications you must have:

a Personal Computer with Internet connection and Acrobat Reader;
an institutional e-mail address ( or other e-mail address;
SPID user valid for access to services in the reserved area of ​​the Ministry of Education;
specific enabling for the Online Instances service. For all information on how to qualify, we provide you with this practical guide with step-by-step instructions;
personal code Online Instances.

To submit the application proceed as follows:

access the Online Instances portal, which you can reach directly from the home page of the Ministry of Education’s website, Topics and Services section, following the path Services> Online Services> letter I> Online Instances, using your credentials;
select Permanent Rankings ATA 24 months – application submission and click on Go to compilation;
enter the province of destination for a new entry (if you are already entered the system automatically shows the province of reference);
choose the form to fill in (B1, B2, F or H);
fill in the form. We point out that to fill in Form B1 you must first choose the access method (A1 – candidate in service, B – candidate not in service, inserted in the provincial rankings until exhaustion or in the provincial lists for substitutes or C – candidate not in service but inserted in the third band ATA rankings for the province and the required profile;
enter the documents to attach to the application if necessary or where requested;
click on Submit to send the application and enter your Instanze Online personal code;
check the presence of the pdf containing the application form completed and sent in the Archive section and that you have received an email confirming the forwarding to the email address associated with your profile.

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