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Calabria Region: 300 hires by 2024

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The Calabria Region will make new hires in the next two years.

The regional body approved the 2022 – 2024 Staffing Requirement Plan which provides for employment for more than 300 people, including new hires and stabilizations.

Recruitment may also take place through new competitions. Here’s what to know about future jobs in the Calabria Region and about upcoming calls for proposals.


The news was spread through a recent press release issued by the Region. The Regional Council has approved the Personnel Needs Plan for the years 2022 – 2024. The document allocates 14 million euros to allow the Calabria Region to recruit and stabilize part of the staff already in service.

The hiring program represents an ambitious and demanding challenge, aimed at creating jobs for over 300 personnel in the Calabria Region, including new hirings, stabilization of employees and entry of top management.

The expected recruitments, which can also be realized through the calling of new public competitions, will be possible thanks to the economic resources made available by the Region itself and by the Ministry of Public Administration. The intervention will make it possible to unblock the turnover of the staff of the institution.


Specifically, the recruitments to the Calabria Region scheduled for the next two years include:

the stabilization of 24 staff units in possession of the requirements of the Madia law;
the inclusion of 230 new figures;
vertical progressions for 80 staff units;
hiring an additional 43 new resources for the provision of new services to citizens.
At the same time, the regional body will also equip itself with 11 new Executives and 2 General Executives, internal and external.


In addition to the stabilization of workers already employed by the institution, the recruitment of resources provided for by the new Personnel Plan of the Calabria Region may take place through the calling of new competition notices. In particular, for the selection of new staff to be hired, work experiences carried out both in the Region and at the Calabria Lavoro Company will be enhanced.

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