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Italo Treno: 60 hires for graduates

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Italo Treno is looking for personnel for recruitment in the Milan and Venice plants.

The well-known railway operator recruits 60 young people with diplomas to be employed as Plant Operators.

The selections are open. Here’s what to know about the new Italo Treno jobs to fill and how to apply.


Italo Treno continues to recruit staff and to create interesting employment opportunities for young people. In fact, the company has started a new search for personnel to hire graduates to start a career as a Plant Operator. The company itself reports on the new recruiting campaign in progress, through a special announcement recently published on the company website.

The Italo Treno jobs to be covered are aimed at 60 resources and are available at the train training facilities located in Lombardy, in the city of Milan, and in Veneto, in the city of Venice. The new Operators will deal with the training and handling of Italo rolling stock (also achieving the qualifications provided for in the matter) within and between the Plants and Stations. They will also carry out activities of preparation, commissioning, parking and technical control of the rolling stock. In addition, they will monitor the Italo operating program and the cleaning and technical and commercial refueling activities (turnaround) in the Plants and Stations.


For new hires, Italo Treno is looking for young people within the age of 29, in possession of a technical or scientific diploma with, preferably, an address in electrical engineering. No previous experience is required for recent graduates. Persons interested in the role of Plant Operator must then be available for possible transfer to the workplace (Milan or Venice) and to work on 24-hour shifts and on holidays.


The hiring of suitable candidates will take place with a professionalizing apprenticeship contract and requires the attendance of a training course to obtain the necessary qualifications to perform the role.


The selection of personnel to be hired involves passing psycho-aptitude tests and medical examinations.


Italo SpA – Nuovo Trasporti Viaggiatori is the first Italian private operator active on the high-speed rail network. The company, headquartered in Rome, was founded in 2006 by entrepreneurs Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Diego della Valle, Gianni Punzo and Giuseppe Sciarrone. The railway company now has about 1,400 employees and operates using Alstom AGV trains, holders of the record for high speed. Italo’s fleet consists of 25 trains that travel to connect over 50 Italian railway stations.


Those interested in the new Italo Treno hires can visit the section reserved for Careers (Work with us) on the company website. From here they can view the current positions open at the Group. To apply for jobs for Plant Operators in Milan and Venice, click on the relevant announcement and then click on Submit your application to fill in the appropriate online form for forwarding the CV to the company. Applications must be sent by May 15, 2022.

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