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JYSK jobs: open positions and how to apply

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Would you like to work at JYSK?

The Danish chain of home furnishings and accessories stores is looking for staff in Italy and abroad for hiring in offices and stores, also in view of new openings.

Below we present the open positions and how to apply for JYSK job offers. We also give you useful information on internship opportunities, the work environment and career paths envisaged by the company.


JYSK is a Danish international chain of the retail sector. It was founded by Lars Larsen in 1979 in Denmark, with the opening of the first store in the city of Aarhus. The company specializes in the sale of items for the home, sleeping and living, characterized by a Nordic style design. The range of products offered in the brand’s stores is very wide. In fact, it includes furnishings and accessories, mattresses and accessories for every room in the house, for the office and for the garden.

The sales activity is carried out through online stores and physical points of sale. The latter are widely distributed worldwide. Today the JYSK stores are in fact about 3,000 and are present in 51 different countries, including Italy where there are 66 active stores. In addition to the stores, the company has several distribution centers in Europe, located in Poland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria and Denmark. The brand, for which around 26,500 employees work, is part of the Lars Larsen Group, which also owns other well-known brands, including Letz Sushi, Actona Company, Bolia and SofaCompany.


During the year, the company offers various job opportunities both in stores and at its offices. In Italy, job vacancies are mainly concentrated in the sales area. Personnel searches aim to find resources to be included both in existing stores and in new brand outlets. In fact, JYSK is implementing a development plan on the Italian territory which includes hundreds of new openings and numerous staff hires.

The job opportunities offered by the company are available both for part-time positions of 20, 24 and 30 working hours, and for full-time positions and include, in addition to employment contracts for employees, also contracts for maternity replacement and insertion of candidates belonging to the categories protected under Law 68/99.


JYSK is currently selecting various professional figures for the coverage of jobs in various Italian offices. Here is a list of the profiles searched in this period:

Sales Assistant – Casoria (Naples), Viterbo, Vercelli, Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan), Treviso, Torri di Quartesolo (Vicenza), Schio (Vicenza), San Giuliano Milanese (Milan), Rovigo, Quart (Aosta), Parma, Osnago (Lecco), Orio al Serio (Bergamo), Mondovì (Cuneo), Trevi (Perugia), Lana (Bolzano), Gravellona Toce (Verbania), Fidenza (Parma), Ferrara, Domodossola (Verbania), Darfo Boario Terme (Brescia ), Cuneo, Conegliano (Treviso), Civezzano (Trento), Castelguelfo (Bologna), Cantù (Como), Bussolengo (Verona), Ivrea (Turin), Bolzano, Biella, Belluno, Castione Andevenno (Sondrio), Alpignano (Turin) , Reggio Emilia;
Sales Assistant – belonging to the list of protected categories under Law 68/99 – Bolzano, Domodossola (Verbania), Reggio Emilia;
Store Manager – Viterbo, Vercelli, Trapani, Terni, Todi (Perugia), San Giuliano Milanese (Milan), San Giovanni Teatino (Pescara), Puegnago sul Garda (Brescia), Quart (Aosta), Pozzuolo del Friuli (Udine), Trevi (Perugia), Darfo Boario Terme (Brescia), Corciano (Perugia), Bolzano, Afragola (Naples);
Deputy Store Manager – Viterbo, Chieri (Turin), Terni, Jesolo (Venice), Darfo Boario Terme (Brescia), Bussolengo (Verona), Belluno, Fiume Veneto (Pordenone), Reggio Emilia.


In general, all JYSK open positions require the possession of a commercial attitude (customer first) and the ability to work in a team and in dynamic and challenging contexts. Flexibility and willingness to work on shifts, on holidays and weekends, and for business trips are also required.

In addition, previous experience in the Retail sector is also required for the positions of Store Manager and Deputy Store Manager. To fill the role of District Manager, on the other hand, you need at least 1 year experience in a similar position in structured Retail realities, availability for territorial mobility, strong commercial and analytical skills, strong orientation towards results and leadership and it is preferable to know English to fluent level.


Customer Service Supporter (maternity replacement) – Bresso (Milan);
Deputy Vice Store Manager – Puegnago sul Garda (Brescia), Lonato del Garda (Brescia);
HR Business Partner – Central South Italy;
Logistics Sales Assistant – San Giorgio Bigarello (Mantua).


The Danish chain of stores offers young people the opportunity to prepare for work in the company through special internships. At the moment, JYSK internship opportunities are active only abroad. There are, for example, internship positions open in Germany, Denmark, Spain, Belgium and France, and opportunities, reserved for students and recent graduates, are available both inside the offices and at the brand’s stores.


JYSK also selects staff abroad, in the many offices that the company owns in European countries and in Russia. Internationally, JYSK jobs are available in the sales area, in the customer service branch and in the company’s offices. In addition, hires are also made at distribution centers in countries where warehouses and logistics facilities are present.

Currently, the open positions at the international level to work at JYSK are very numerous. The recruitments concern the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

As in Italy, most of the vacancies concern the roles of Sales Assistant, part and full time, Store and Area Manager. There are also open positions for administrative profiles, IT specialists, commercial employees and warehouse workers.


The JYSK working context is characterized by the combination of Scandinavian origins and the core values ​​of the company. In fact, the work in JYSK is organized in many activities entrusted to small teams, in order to be effective and productive, and is at the same time based on team spirit, collaboration between colleagues and commercial spirit. Much attention is paid to the training and professional development of collaborators and to the creation of strong and cohesive work groups.

The Human Resources office, in particular, works closely with the Retail area, also dealing with selection, talent management, motivation and coaching for staff. In addition, JYSK offers its employees both a rewarding compensation package, as well as prizes and awards for achieving sales objectives and for best performance.


In Italy, to allow the growth of its employees, JYSK provides internal career paths. In particular, for those who work in the Retail sector, the company organizes training and development programs for:

Store Manager Trainee: the path, followed by internal Mentors, allows you to learn in a short time how to manage a store. The training takes place in modules and has a total duration of 5 weeks spread over 9 months;
District Manager Trainee: the program is aimed at Store Managers who intend to reach the next step of growth, becoming not only managers of the single store, but also a point of reference at the local level;
Retail Manager Trainee: this is an international career program led by Retail Managers, HR Managers and Executives JYSK also from abroad. The path allows participants to become Retail Managers, without however leaving the role of District Manager. The training includes modules, projects and hands-on activities.


In general, JYSK recruitments are carried out within 3 distinct sectors, Retail, Customer service and Head office. For each area, the company selects personnel to be assigned to specific roles. In detail, the profiles used in each sector are as follows:

Retail: Retail Manager, District Manager, Store Manager, Store Manager Trainee, Sales Assistant;
Customer Service: Supporter, Team Leader, Manager;
Head Office: resources to be employed in the Finance, HR, Sales & Expansion, Real Estate, Concept departments.


To recruit staff, the Scandinavian company uses the web section dedicated to international careers and selections, JYSK Work with us, accessible from the corporate portal. Through this area you can find out about all the open positions of the company, both in Italy and abroad. Those wishing to work for JYSK can apply online to the vacancies available or, if there are no vacant positions in line with their profile, use the “Spontaneous application” function to propose their CV to the company.


The web section dedicated to JYSK personnel searches presents the list of local websites dedicated to open positions in the individual countries in which the Danish Group is active. By selecting the country of interest from those available in the list, it is possible to view all the searches for personnel active locally. To further refine the search for a vacant position, you can use the appropriate “Search” function by typing the city (for example Rovigo) or the role (for example Sales Assistant) of your interest.


Those interested in working at JYSK can visit the website dedicated to careers in Italy (JYSK Work with us). From here you can find out all the open positions at national level and apply by selecting the job offer of interest. By clicking on the “I’m interested” item, it will be possible to fill in the appropriate online form, with the required data and attaching the CV, to submit an application to the company.

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